Senior Dog Forever Medical Coverage Program

Most of our senior dogs are rescued from private owners in crisis, or people unable or unwilling to care for their senior dogs. We also take in rescues from local shelters, animal control, and other rescue groups in Pittsburgh, PA area.

Medical cost is the most common reason people hesitate to rescue a senior dog. This is why every one of the dogs we rescue is eligible for medical financial support for the duration of their life. Gray Paws provides that financial security so the dog can be loved and cared for until the end of life without excessive financial burden to the family. All of our work is done as a public service and there are no payments to anyone involved. There are no fees, ever.

If you’re interested in providing a loving home to an older dog, please visit our Gray Paws Sanctuary Facebook page. Find your perfect match with Gray Paws and enjoy the loving, loyal companionship of a senior dog!

Love Your Animal for Life (LOYAL) Program

Our LOYAL Program provides financial support to senior dog owners to prevent surrender or premature euthanization.  The program can provide funding to eligible dog owners for most types of necessary veterinary medical care in order to maintain the senior dog in their home. Please contact us for an application.